Delivery process

Your community, your rules.

To help us start with you, let us know your main goals and requirements for the service you are about to order from us.

In custom orders you decide

  • terms and policies users of your site have to accept,
  • user level rights,
  • tools you want to offer to your users,
  • and the custom skin design of the tools we implement.

There are also

  • technical settings (status, types, categories, features)
  • which we tailor according to your needs unless our present default settings from your industry are already perfect for your purposes.

Admin users will receive a full training with tips and best practices.

Our software and servers, your data.

We host the service with our reliable and secure cloud server partners. This way you do not need to worry about technology, servers or domains.

We monitor and update your version of the service, but we do not monitor or use any of the information saved by you on Gemilo. The technical monitoring helps our team to fix possible technical errors and to develop new features with you and other Gemilo customers.

You own your own data, and we protect the privacy of your community. We are really really strict about this issue. We do not own any of the content you publish, save or share on Gemilo. You need to respect the copyrights and privacy in the same way.

Over the 8 years Gemilo has developed flexible collaboration platform which includes several different components and a strong backbone. For those who are interested, we use Python, Ajax, HTML5, CSS, Mako, Bootstrap, MySQL, Nginx, Memcached, Ubuntu and Linux. We are pioneers in mobile web and social software for enterprise use.

When customers want, we make plugins to external systems and integrate your existing systems to ours and vice versa. There has not been an integration yet, we would not have delivered. Challenge us :)

Gemilo's own platform gives exceptional coherence and flexibility, but saves your money and your resources as our customer. You are in safe hands with us.

The Design

Design is usually by us or by your partners, like communication, marketing and brand agencies, independent graphic designers with great skills and knowledge about adaptive or at least responsive web design. They should provide psd layers to us with requirements.

If you found a bootstrap design you fell in love with, that's great. Just send us the link so we can talk a bit more about your requirements to make your partnership management look and feel absolutely stunning.

However, there are some limitations with our ready-made user interfaces and tools which work in the similar way to any customer of ours. To keep our prices affordable, these layouts use skins and are never 100 % tailored. This makes it possible to offer also off-the-shelf software as a service for people who want everything ready and to update your versions in the future without asking price for it every time.

The Ownership and new business

Do you need a white label service or extremely customizable version of the solution? Gemilo delivers as we are a boutique software house.

I am happy to help you.
CEO, founder, mrs Katri Lietsala

Business inquiries, call +358 40 7499072 .
Please note before calling: Europe / Helsinki time zone

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