Grow your business network

Partnerships at your fingertips

To build relationships with partners requires consistency. Order Gemilo Partners software to grow and nurture your business network for excellent business results.

1. Deepen your existing valid business contacts.

Valuable, trustworthy relationships maximise reach and opportunities to business. Gemilo supports you and your business to go beyond one-time projects.

2. Protect the ownership of your business networks and contact information.

For example, LinkedIn exists mainly to save contacts for the people you have hired. Have you thought what happens to your company and its' contacts if or when they leave? Reduce the risks with Gemilo and turn your contact management transparent. It is worth the investment to save business critical information when it is still possible.

3. Foster and manage relationships as an integral part of your business operations.

Less manual reporting, more daily operations automatically tracked. Gemilo shows the active and passive nodes of your business network. Begin to provide value to your partners on a consistent, ongoing basis.

4. Automate collecting new contacts.

Your staff opens up a new topic for interested people to join and share their contact information in less than a minute. Add the link anywhere you like. Gemilo presents in real-time how your list of potential partners keeps growing.

5. Discover, learn about and re-use existing contacts.

Search, export, import contacts. Know your people, know your partners. Discover what they do together to meet the goals.



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