For better business decisions and results

The core of Gemilo Enterprise Information Management System is a dapper online collaboration platform integrated to the relevant existing systems you already have.

Gemilo enterprise information system (EIM) has several competitive advantages.

  1. Gemilo EIM shows what information you would ideally like to know. Our job is is to make your job easier and we use quick-hitting views to do it.
  2. Gemil EIM offers your business a ready and well organized structure that works on mobile immediately without additional installations, plugins or any extra effort by users other than opening their web browser to sign-in.
  3. Gemilo EIM combines the best enterprise social media features for business use. It gives your business efficient routines and easier, time-saving practices to collect and report on the specific data that is crucial.

Did you know that many companies have no advantage over their competitors even though they have massive amounts of data stored and archived, collected precisely, but buried without understanding the real value of the records for further business use?

Better decisions, productive routines

Your business information may be spread on many systems, sheets, prints, folders and file storages. Even on multiple e-mails.. On Gemilo you get a firm hold of your business critical data again for better decision-making and efficient day-to-day operations.

To take files into clouds is a replica of the old papers and printing kind of world, with no structured data to build business intelligence on. Smart buyers buy services that are more than cloud storages. Why not transform data into knowledge!

You found here what you were looking for. Do it on Gemilo enterprise information management system.

Simple design, stunning information architecture

On Gemilo, your business information is easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate necessary actions. There are two reasons for this:

1. The design and interactivity of the service
2. The information architecture based on structured data.

Gemilo has predefined and simple user interface (UI) design to get things done more quickly. The consistent look of different tools helps you and your people to use the software. Your brand colors strengthen the end result.

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Just another SharePoint?

This product is not based on Microsoft's Sharepoint, M-Files or WordPress and its' plugins. The Gemilo software may contain open source components and it definitely has an open API interface for interested, trusted partners and for systems our customers want to have integrated seamlessly with Gemilo.

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Secure, yet open to evolve

Gemilo runs on European cloud services. The Gemilo software family is designed, developed, implemented and maintained in Finland. We are here not just to respect, but to protect your privacy. Gemilo delivers a dedicated installation on a private cloud customized according your preferences.

Open application interface for integrations. Modern, reliable backup system tested regularly. Python works as an official language at Gemilo. We also use Linux.


Customer self-service, improved customer satisfaction

Gemilo is a powerful collaboration software to connect relevant people with the files, contact information, and expertise they need. Enjoy custom branding, mobile access and secure private cloud.

On Gemilo you share easily projects, materials and discussions with relevant professionals to succeed in what you plan to achieve.


Gemilo helps to strengthen the partnerships

Smart people work together. Gemilo helps you to open and maintain shared online work spaces for digital cross-organizational and cross-border collaboration.

  • To get the project ready, use Gemilo Project.
  • To share contacts and important materials with your network.