Community cloud for valuable business partnerships and collaboration

With social media, relationships are more important than ever. Nurture your network of resellers, vendors, and subcontractors to win your competitors. Create a relationship with the customer instead of just selling to them. This way you extend sales force, quality control and have a stronger R&D.

Gemilo includes extranet, intranet and social crm combined to a customer portal adjusted to your preferences. A full package of everything you need to get the online collaborative tools and partnership management rock like you!

Are you looking for the best extranet, intranet, online hub or client portal solutions in Europe?

You found one. Gemilo community cloud is the perfect fit for a secure business-to-business collaboration. This luxury groupware offers brand customized design, mobile access, complementary enterprise and business apps, and open development with relevant integrations.

Gemilo is excellent multilingual software for team work and partnership management. The platform achieves enhanced speed, stability and reliability with dedicated private cloud customized for your business requirements.